February 28, 2009


I'm thinking of using some fringe on a strap because I LOVE this necklace.

From iheartnorwegianwood's Etsy shop (which is amazing):

February 22, 2009

A Past Inspiration

This is from a photo shoot I was a part of after graduating college- I designed/created/styled the outfit my senior year. But the reason I am posting this is because of that amazing staircase.

J. Morgan Puett

Wow- isn't this beautiful? 

February 21, 2009

Slim Suit

I watched Conan's last Late Night show, and was impressed by his suit. The pant leg was very narrow and nice. Looked kinda like it might be Dior.

Walkies in Paris- Soiree de poche #7, La Blogotheque

These photos of The Walkmen playing a small apartment in Paris combine just about everything I love. 

The Introduction

This blog is intended to be an image-filled library of inspiration for my Etsy shop. I've recently been spending a lot of time refining my product/branding, and I'm hoping that this blog, in addition to many other things, will help to make therine a valid side project for me.

So I hope you will enjoy this little peek at some of my favorite things! 
And don't forget to check my shop if you or anyone you know needs a new guitar strap!
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