March 29, 2009

Casablanca's Jackets

Image from finditinmusic

Image from Paulinha

Image from aurelien

Julian (of The Strokes) wears a lot of great jackets, but recently I've been thinking about his black leather jackets. The beat-up leather, the zippers, and the studs. Those things could definitely be combined for a great strap.

March 22, 2009

I've been on Lookbook today, and didn't have any trouble finding some inspiration:
Similar to yesterday's Olsen post- I love the Black, Black/Gold, Red, and Blonde colors in this pic. 

Love the leather and  printed scarf combo. From Freja R.'s lookbook

Great color combos here, and I love how this pic combines his outfit (rock) with the vintage buildings. 

Super cool androgynous pic, but what I really like about it is the subtle combination of wearing black with brown shoes. From Von B.'s lookbook

March 21, 2009

Olsen Red & Black

The colors is in this pic are great- Black, Black/Gold print, Red, and Blonde. Very inspiring for a strap.
Image found at Olsens Anonymous

Prints: Leopard and Ornate

This is a really pretty picture, and it gave me an idea- to combine some leopard print with a piece of a printed scarf, on a strap.
Image from Taylor Warren's blog  found via Le Fashion

Maison Martin Margiela Shoes

I love the heel on these shoes.  I'm not sure what the material is, but they're tiny circular gold/silver metal pieces. I think this could definitely be used as an idea for a strap.

Balmain Silver/Black

Love this picture, with all the black and silver/glitter going on. And, the vintage-y carpet and wood paneling look great in contrast. I think this image is a good representation of the elements I like to combine for therine.
Image as seen at Deelightful- Super Shiny

Dior Homme Spring 09

I love the bronze/gold pieces in this collection. And the glasses are pretty cool too. Dior Homme is one of my favorite lines for men. It just always looks very sharp, with a little bit of rock 'n roll thrown in.
All images from at Spring 2009 Dior Homme Complete Collection

March 8, 2009


How cool is Joanna Newsom playing this harp? It seems like an instrument that has been mostly forgotten these days, but its so impressive! Too bad you don't wear a strap while playing it. Oh well, these pics are inspiring regardless.

Navy and Gold

I really like the navy and gold colors in this collage from Record the Day at

March 7, 2009

Schwartzman / Fischer

Admittedly, I have a big crush on Jason Schwartzman. I think he's a pretty stylish guy, in a very casual way. In Rushmore, as Max Fischer, his wardrobe was full of classic menswear/uniform elements, and good color combos.

And his whole photo shoot for Band of Outsiders last year was really inspiring.

Belt Buckles

I love these belts from the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 09 runway. They have that antique feel to them, and I like the combination of brass, leather, and corduroy.

Gallery Girl

I want to dress like this. I love the navy/gold/leather/animal print/denim combo. I think a strap like this will be appearing soon!
As seen on Mariko Munro in Elle February 09

Killer Shoes

These Prada Spring 09 shoes are crazy! I'm thinking of ways to make them into guitar straps...
Images from at Prada Spring 09

March 4, 2009

UO Necklaces

I really like both of these necklaces and how they combine several different materials, and in doing so, combine several different styles (satin + pyramid studs!?= love). 

Necklaces and images from Urban Outfitters at

March 1, 2009

Hamilton 2002

This is an early picture of Hamilton Leithauser (performing with The Walkmen), taken sometime in 2002. I really like the way his outfit looks here, and they still pretty much look the same. Very traditional menswear- slim oxford button down shirt (with pushed/rolled up sleeves), corduroy pants, and leather or suede shoes.  As I design pants for a living and have therefore always got them on the brain, I've been trying to figure out what brand of corduroy 5 pockets he wears. But despite close views at many of their concerts, I can never tell. Which I guess is just that much cooler. Anyway- I really like this picture.


I just bought this vintage Timex on Ebay. It fits right in with the vintage menswear look I am loving right now. I think I may start to sell other accessories on therine, and watches like this would be pretty cool.

Boy by Band of Outsiders

Image from January 2009 Elle, at

I love Band of Outsiders (for men), and now they have a version for the girls- cleverly called Boy. And they're smart enough to use Kirsten Dunst as a model, who looks great in the clothes.
Women's clothing borrowing elements of menswear is nothing new, but Band of Outsiders has done it in a different and inspiring way.

Pyramid Studs

This Givenchy jacket on Mary-Kate is kind of out of control, but I love the pyramid studs. Specifically the bronze-y gold color of them. These will definitely be appearing on some of my straps soon.

Rock Steady

For Rock Steady, Gwen made houndstooth cool again (it still is). And check that red glove- perfect!
This look has definitely inspired some of my straps. In fact, I think Gwen Stefani may be the whole reason I went into fashion.
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