August 15, 2009

Rockabilly, Cry Baby

I've been in a rockabilly mood this summer, and I've watched Cry Baby several times recently. I love the absolutely intentional campy feeling, the music, and especially the 50's retro clothing/costumes. Leather jackets, jeans, polka dots, red lipstick, plaid bow-ties, prom dresses... all easily inspiring for some guitar straps.
Several images pulled from Real Life is Overrated


Just found this blog:  *#@! yeah Marilyn Monroe! which is an amazing resource for people like me who could never get tired of looking at her pictures. This photo, which I haven't seen before, where she's dressed very ladylike while looking at ties in a menswear shop, is especially fitting as inspiration for therine.
Image from *#@! yeah Marilyn Monroe!  (great name don't you think?)

August 8, 2009

clairelafaye- Etsy shop inspiration

Absolutely amazing pieces from the Etsy shop clairelafaye. The designs and the level of detail are really impressive, and beautifully executed. This is inspiration both for straps (for the girliest of guitar players) and for my Etsy shop in general.
Also check out her website

Beaded Shoulder Details

Sophia Kokosalaki A/W 09 Runway shot

Street shot, Paris

I really like the intricate beaded details on these jackets. Its very feminine, while still looking strong. And of course, they have an antique/vintage feeling, that adds depth. While an intimidating and time-consuming craft, I'd love to use beading on the shoulder piece of a strap.
Images from WGSN

Plaids and Leather

Cool image of menswear muted plaids and leather jackets on display at a new Uniqlo Ion store. Falls in line with my Plaid Rock strap, and is good inspiration for looking towards the fall.

Plaid Brogues

I love how menswear shoes are being made for women. I've tried to wear these kind of shoes myself and just can't quite pull it off. But I really like the way these look on this model. And I think the use of the brown vintage-y plaid plus the perforated leather is inspiring for a strap or two.
Image found on BAGAHOLICBOY, shoes by Church

Big Bows

Found via WGSN, from Debenhams

Found via WGSN, from House of Fraser

 As seen at Hopelessly Devoted on Etsy

Notice-me hair accessories are one trend I'm not getting sick of. I love all these gigantic bows. I've already made one strap with a large bow, and these are inspiring me to make some more.
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