May 30, 2009

Vintagey & Industrial interiors

I would love to have this as a workspace. Vintage & industrial, great color scheme. Image from Jac de Villiers
Ditto. The office of Shipley + Halmos. How could you not design amazing clothes here? Image from Division Street

Minimal vintage, my favorite kind. Image from MenStyle.Fr

Dark vintage, my other favorite kind. Image also from MenStyle.Fr.  And check their blog, which is  a whole world of dark vintage inspiration: Hollister Hovey.  

artlab - Etsy shop inspiration

This Etsy shop is one of the best I've seen! Beyond the amazing pieces themselves- the branding, photography and overall aesthetic is really impressive. These pieces and photos could easily be in Vogue. Seeing it reminds me of what levels you can take your shop to. Very inspiring.
All images from artlab and

May 26, 2009

Ham Again

Another one from the same performance as below. LOVE. 
The contrast is the best part: calm, classic clothing + vein popping rock-n-roll screaming.
(I don't know the source on this pic, found it in the forum)

Hamilton's Checked Shirt

This is from The Walkmen's set at Sasquatch 2009 (which I grudgingly missed). Its the first time I've seen Hamilton without his leather jacket in awhile. I really like the shirt he is wearing- if you zoom, you can see that it's a small check, not a solid. And he doesn't have the sleeves rolled up, but the cuff isn't buttoned, and it works. Overall, love this look, as usual.
I've got a picture of him and Elvis coming up too.
Images from +Russ on Flickr

Tough Cuff

This image is really cool. I love the masculinity of her oversized pants with the big cuffs. Plus the slouchy black leather boots with studs and buckles. Very inspiring.
Image from Vogue Paris  via Fashion Gone Rogue via Le Fashion

May 23, 2009

Raised by Robots

I was lucky enough to sell a couple of my straps to Matt Payne, who was on tour with Raised by Robots.  Matt wasn't playing the guitar on this tour, but lead singer Cameron was nice enough to wear Matt's strap so I could see it in action at their show at the Comet in Seattle. This strap is from the Gold Plate series.
Matt's band: All My Pretty Ones
Images by Florence Ng

Gucci Polished Retro

Gucci's Fall 09 runway looks had a very cool combination of sleek shiny leather, and retro menswear patterns. Definitely inspiring for some straps.
Images from Men's

May 16, 2009

Penguin's Denim Campaign

This is part of Original Penguin's new ad campaign. I love the wood paneling, red plaid, dark denim, gold shoe laces, and silver rings- very cool styling. It seems more modern than most Penguin- I mean, of course I love vintage- but this seems more saturated, which is nice.
Image found via Denimology


The detailing on this neckline is really cool. I'm not sure how its done, ribbon + eyelets + safety pins?- but I think it could be interesting to emulate on one of my straps. Also, this hair is awesome!
Image from Mixte Issue #54

Glamour & Bow Ties

I love this picture from Vogue circa 1987. I especially like the combination of her hair, which is very Veronica-Lake-1940's-glam plus her bow tie and vintage hardshell case.
Found at Sea of Shoes

May 14, 2009

Glitter Socks

From Viktor & Rolf's Fall 09 runway- are these not the craziest socks for a guy? Super cool, although probably not very comfortable, ha. Viktor & Rolf always put really interesting stuff in their shows- definitely a lot of humor and deviations from the norm. This combination of muted menswear & a bit of glitter is perfect for my straps.
Images from

May 9, 2009

Ryan, Beati Paoli

Ryan is the first person to wear one of my guitar straps while performing, and he wears it well, don't you think? In these pics, he's playing with Beati Paoli. I think I'll add any pics I find of people wearing my straps at shows, because these are definitely inspiring to me. 
(Ryan- hope you don't mind!)
Top image by Rock Iowa

May 2, 2009

Olsen, Menswear

I love this outfit, especially the combination of menswear and glam heels. Definitely inspiring.
Image from Olsens Anonymous
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