November 27, 2009


New straps in the shop,
new layout/style for my photos,
and I've increased the image sizes here on the blog!

November 26, 2009

Leopard and Tweed

I really like this girl's combination of leopard print & tweed pants. Not two elements I had ever though of combining before, and definitely something that could make a very unique guitar strap.

November 22, 2009

Classic Coats, Bags, and a little Plaid

Image from Easy Fashion

Image from The Sartorialist
I love the colors and layers that these two guys are putting together. They definitely have a vintage feel, but are also very crisp and classic. And they are inspiring me to make some more straps for my gold plate series.

November 18, 2009

Really Red

Alexander McQueen

And of course, Louboutin.

These bright red boots are amaaaazing. The red + shiny metal hardware is a cool tough/glam look, and I think I might use it on my next strap!
Images found via Polyvore

November 8, 2009

Olsen- Scarf/Studs/Leather

I like this outfit on Ashley Olson- its got a lot of elements I'd like to use on a strap: vintage leather, leopard print scarf, ripped denim, and studded black heels (with red soles of course).
Image from JustJared

November 4, 2009

White and Gold

I love the rows of pyramid studs on these white shorts (looks kinda like Tetris)! This is definitely an idea for a strap.
Image from WGSN

Paul Banks- Julian Plenti

Paul Banks has a well-defined sense of style I admire. Stoic, sharp, dark, and a bit awkward. And one that not many people could pull off as easily. I like this new twist he's got going for his solo record as Julian Plenti- its definitely more casual and vintage-y than the Interpol look.
Images found on

Portman rocks pompadour

Natalie Portman is pretty cool. And I love this photo of her- beautiful while very androgynous. Inspiring for a tougher guitar strap.
Image from V magazine
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