July 29, 2010

Ryan, Golden Veins

Ryan has a new band- Golden Veins. Here he is doing some recording, using one of the first straps I ever made! I'm glad to see it's still holding up, and I'm looking forward to hearing more of these recordings.

July 22, 2010

Lost + Found: Prints

Emily (a former co-worker!) and Yuuki of Lost + Found find a LOT of great vintage pieces, but right now I am really drawn to the small/delicate prints in their shop. These prints have a nice mix of nostalgia and femininity- and whenever I see them on their blog I'm inspired to find some to use on my guitar straps!
All images from Lost + Found

July 12, 2010

The Morning Benders- Stitches

Fell in love with this band, The Morning Benders, sometime in early spring. And this song, especially. Now they've gone and made a great video for it, which is inspiring in more ways than one (colors, stripes, guitars, feeling, concept...etc).
Lucky for me I'll be seeing them again soon at Lollapalooza!
Video images from Vimeo

Dusty Gray

Very cool gray color on these two shoes. I'd love to find some dusty gray leather remnants to cut up and use on some new straps! And I really really like the gold number stamp on the top shoe.
Images from GQ.com, shoes by Common Projects and Calvin Klein respectively


This week, in search of summery tunes, I came across some old Beck- specifically Que Onda Guero, which is a really fun song that I've since had on repeat (lyric about a melting popsicle= the best). Anyway, it made me remember that Beck is one stylish guy, quite ahead of his time. Definitely a good source of inspiration for creative guitar straps.
First image- no source (looks like Vogue to me)
Second image from Style.com

July 3, 2010

Men's Scarves

This collection of men's street style pics is the most inspiring one I've seen in a very long time. Wow. And I am loving the scarves on these three guys- definitely a good way to introduce some pattern to an outfit, or a guitar strap!
Images by Tommy Ton for GQ


These tights are really really REALLY cool. The inset stripe and fishnet pieces make such cool futuristic shapes. Definitely an inspiration for a mixed-material rock-on guitar strap.
Tights (and images) from Oak Black Label
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