March 1, 2009

Hamilton 2002

This is an early picture of Hamilton Leithauser (performing with The Walkmen), taken sometime in 2002. I really like the way his outfit looks here, and they still pretty much look the same. Very traditional menswear- slim oxford button down shirt (with pushed/rolled up sleeves), corduroy pants, and leather or suede shoes.  As I design pants for a living and have therefore always got them on the brain, I've been trying to figure out what brand of corduroy 5 pockets he wears. But despite close views at many of their concerts, I can never tell. Which I guess is just that much cooler. Anyway- I really like this picture.


Ryan said...

Next time you meet up with him, just ask. :^ )

atieoratherine said...

Well, I've meant to, but can't figure out a way to ask without sounding either completely shallow, or pervy. haha

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