February 19, 2010

Lysacek, Black on Black

Crystal snakes at Vancouver 2010
Mixed textures, shirring, and feathers at Vancouver 2010
Strong shoulders and feathers at Skate America 2009
Epaulettes of feathers and rhinestones at Skate America 2009

[This is probably the only time figure skating costumes will ever get featured on this blog- but this couldn't go without mentioning:]
I first noticed Evan Lysacek's skating because of his sleek, all-black costume that stood in stark contrast to the white ice. It stopped me in my channel-surfing tracks, and I've been interested ever since. Turns out, his costumes are designed by Vera Wang! I love the continuity across the different costumes, and that she has managed to incorporate some really dramatic details (strong shoulders, feathers, crystal snakes!!!) while still retaining masculinity and elegance- no easy feat. The black-on-black color scheme, and all the trims are definitely serving as some inspiration for new guitar straps.
AND last night he took the gold!

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